Suzanne Stern

Suzanne has a real feel for Manhattan’s distinct neighborhood diversity, and a genuine desire to help protect people’s investments and best interests. Creative thinking, effective problem solving and the utmost attention to both details and aesthetics result in the highest degree of client satisfaction.

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Sjimon den Hollander

Sjimon grew up in Holland where a plethora of different building styles from Medieval to hyper-modern and avant-garde made up his daily environment. Even while professing in different other fields, Sjimon was involved in real estate before moving to New York.

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Rachael Meisels

Rachael has been showing apartments since she was 5 years old.  Growing up in Manhattan with her mom and broker, Suzanne Stern, she came to love New York City spaces and the many lifestyles of their residents.  She’s known by peers and clients for her bright personality, quick thinking and consistent support and guidance. With … Continued

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Goran Scepanovic

With an educational background in finance and economics, as well as extensive experience in interior design and product development acquired in the past ten years in New York City, Goran Scepanovic brings a unique perspective to his relationship with clients in the real estate market. Patient, attentive to people’s individual needs and hardworking, he combines creative thinking with … Continued

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