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Flat Iron Real Estate, Inc., The Company Flat Iron Real Estate, Inc.
The Company
Flat Iron Real Estate is one of New York's premier full service real estate companies, serving primarily the Flatiron District,
Gramercy Park and surrounding communities as well as other areas in Manhattan. Its boutique nature provides specialized...

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  Suzanne Stern, Founder and Principal Licensed Real Estate Broker Suzanne Stern
Founder and Principal Licensed Real Estate Broker
Suzanne has a real feel for Manhattan's distinct neighborhood diversity, and a genuine desire to help protect people's investments and best interests. Creative thinking, effective problem solving and the utmost attention to both details and aesthetics result in the highest degree of client satisfaction.

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Sjimon den Hollander, Licensed Salesperson Sjimon den Hollander
Licensed Salesperson
"New York is the most interesting real estate place in the world. There is a similar mixture of architectural history and styles that I love in Europe, but on a much bigger scale. And the pulse of the city is irresistible. I empathize with people who want to be part of it and I try to help them make the step of relocating. I understand their concerns as no other, and therefore I am able to ease their anxieties and facilitate their move."

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  Melissa Davis, Licensed Salesperson Melissa Davis
Licensed Salesperson
Melissa Davis brings a unique set of business skills to her relationships with buyers and sellers in the real estate market. As an investor herself, she is sensitive to her clients’ needs at every stage of the transaction process.

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